Now you can get fit from the comfort of your own home! With little to no equipment, this program will guide you to lose those unwanted pounds and take control of  your health. From start to finish you will be SWEATing all  under 25 minutes.

  • Work is stressful

  • Kids can be exhausting

  • You still have errands to run

  • The drive to the gym adds another 15 minutes to your morning/afternoon commute

  • You don't know what to do when you're there

  • It's intimidating to work out around people you don't know

  • Personal Training isn't in your budget

    We are here to help! We provide you with 5 workouts a week that can be finished under 25 minutes. Perfect for those with a tight schedule & budget.

  • One workout posted daily Monday-Friday

  • Includes Modifications/Scales to take into account different fitness levels

  • Includes Substitutions based on recommended equipment & what can be done if no equipment is available

  • Includes Workout Description so you know what you're doing, and what to be aiming for

    We utilize the app "SugarWOD" for workout access. You can download this app for free in your app store. Once downloaded you can request to join the gym "The Daily Sweat" and begin accessing your workouts.

    Don't forget to log your results!



You'll go through

10 rounds of

this with rest

between rounds

Coach left you

details about

this workout

Don't forget to

log your time!


We want you moving quick

each round


The rest after

should let you keep up your intensity

If strength/ability allow, we want you holding something overhead

If not regular

lunges are fine!


“The workouts are perfect for me, as a working mom. Every morning when I wake up I get excited to open the app and seeing what workout I'll be doing today! This was a life saver after I had my beautiful little girl.” 


—  Name, Title

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The Daily SWEAT 

SORE today STRONG tomorrow

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