Walk in to the gym and know exactly what to do! We will provide you with 5 workouts a week so you can achieve the results you want without  having to pay for a personal trainer. This is also perfect for those who have a HOME GYM and are looking for something effective to follow.

  • I'm committed to going to the gym/I have all the equipment I need at home.... but what the heck should I do?

  • Should I do squats today or tomorrow?

  • I want to get better at Pull Ups, but how many should I do?

  • I really want to strengthen my core, I see exercises on the internet but it'd be nice to have some structure...

  • We only have 1 kettlebell... how can my husband and I both workout together

  • Is Monday international "Chest Day"? Is every day "Arm Day"?

    We have heard it all, been through it all, and now have created the answer! Our Gym Sweat will provide you with 5 workouts a week, detailed instructions on each workout, what to watch out for, and what you can substitute. We add in more advanced movements with Kettlebells, Barbells, Rowers, gymnastics, etc.. targeting the fitness buff who knows there way around a gym

  • One workout posted daily Monday-Friday.

  • Includes more movements and the use of equipment, such as barbells, rowers, dumbells, and gymnastics like pull ups and handstands.

  • We also give recommendations for ways to substitute an exercise if you or your gym doesn't have certain equipment.

  • Includes a Workout Description so you know what you're doing, and what to be aiming for.

    We utilize the app "SugarWOD" for workout access. You can download this app for free in your app store. Once downloaded you can request to join the gym "The Daily Sweat" and begin accessing your workouts.

    Don't forget to log your results!



Part 1 of today's workout

Coach left you

details about

this workout

Don't forget to

log your weights!


Part 2 of todays workout

Leave yourself notes about what movement you did and how they felt


We want you to start at a moderate weight and increase every set


Rest as needed between sets if no directions are given


“I liked going to the gym but never knew what to do. Eventually I stopped going... Then one day a friend told me about The Daily Sweat's Gym Sweat program. After two weeks I was hooked!” 


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