This all-in-one option that gives you everything you need to keep your classes running smoothly and your members seeing RESULTS. We will provide the Warm Ups, WODs, and Cool downs for you based on the needs of  your clientele. 

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  • Busy managing employees

  • Busy coaching classes

  • Busy creating & following up with new client leads

  • Busy managing your books

  • Busy planning out the events for the year

  • Busy Busy Busy..

    On top of that you also have to dedicate the time to creating a good workout program for your members. That alone can be very tedious and mentally draining. That time and mental output could be put to better use in  one of the above areas of your business or in your personal life.

    That's where AffiliateWOD comes in.


AffiliateWOD is the answer for the busy gym/studio owner looking to put one aspect of their business in the hands of a company they can trust. Our staff have specialized in workout programming for CrossFit Gyms and Fitness Studios. We have a decade of experience working with all ages and abilities in CrossFit, HIIT, Boot Camp, Weightlifting, and Competitors classes. Our base program covers the foundations of General Physical Fitness utilizing functional movements, free weights, and cardio machines to get fitter, stronger, and healthier.


We will soon be offering specialized programs to those gyms with a specific population they're aiming for!

We utilize Microsoft Excel to send you the monthly program. We can send it to you as an Excel file or as a PDF/JPEG file

  • Monthly programming

  • 60 min classes for Monday-Saturday

  • Focused on General Physical Fitness

  • Includes recommended warm ups and the WOD

  • Some scales & modifications 

  • Fun team warm ups workouts every Saturday

Perfect for the gym with members interested in fitness, weight loss, strength, and mobility. We have some RX's and advanced movements for those who are higher level & could be doing the CrossFit Open

  • Monthly programming

  • 60 min classes for Monday-Saturday

  • Focused on the needs of your clients

  • Includes recommended warm ups, the WOD, and recommended cool down

  • Includes higher frequency of higher skill gymnastics movements & heavier RX weights

  • WOD Levels System so members know which workout is right for them

  • Fun team warm ups workouts every Saturday

Perfect for the gym with a mix of new & experienced members. We use a Levels System where needed to make sure the advanced athletes & average joes all have a clear WOD written on the board. We leave the guess work of scaling to us


Here is what two weeks would look like



"Programming for the gym is very time consuming and stressful. You want your members to seeing results so it's very easy to stress over the WODs. Not any more. All those hours I spent sitting on the computer programming, I now get to spend focusing on growing my business, or relaxing. My members have loved the workouts too!"

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